Guardian Program


Guardian Program Opportunities

We currently have no guardian opportunities available


What is the Guardian Home Program?

Being a guardian family for a Loyal Heart Australian Labradoodle is a great way to have a top quality dog without all the expense. We breed superior Australian Multi-generational Labradoodles with pedigrees through the ALAA and our selected Guardian homes pay just a fraction of the cost. 

Our Guardian Home Program lets local families have one of our top notch young breeding dogs. The puppy will live with you as your own family dog while we retain breeding rights for the dog. The puppies are whelped at our home and the mama stays with us until the pups are weaned. Once the Guardian Dog has completed her breeding career, she will be spayed and then the contract is signed over for full ownership to the Guardian family.


Why We Use the Guardian Home Program

We believe every dog deserves a loving family they can call their own. We are not a kennel breeder because kennel raised dogs do not get the socialization and stimulation that is needed to be a well balanced, happy dog. Our Guardian Home Program benefits everyone involved–the dog, the breeder, and the Guardian family.


  • Guardian Families have “pick of the Litter” top breed quality, selected by the breeder

  • All extensive health testing required by the ALAA will be paid for by the breeder

  • There is no need for the breeder to kennel the dogs

  • The dogs are well socialized and in a good family environment

  • The dog does not need to be re-homed as an adult upon retirement

  • Guardian families can schedule trips during whelpings without paying for outside pet care

  • Superior Bloodline - ALAA Muti-generational Australian Labradoodle for very little expense


How Much Does a Puppy in the Guardian Home Program Cost?

We pay all breeding related testing expenses. A deposit is required before receiving the dog and is returned once the dog is retired. 


How to Qualify as a Guardian Home

In order to ensure safety and health of the dogs, there are certain requirements to qualify for our Guardian Home Program.

  • Own Home within 30 miles of Tri-Cities, WA

  • Fully fenced yard (preferably 6 ft tall)

  • Deposit of up to 1/2 puppy price to be refunded upon retirement

  • Children in the household should be of school age

  • Pass the “Speak Dog” Puppy, Basic and CGC courses fully attending the classes

  • Ensure the puppy is well socialized meeting new people with proper canine manners

  • Provide veterinary care when needed

  • All dogs placed in Guardian families must be indoor dogs

  • The dog would not be left for more than an average of 4 hours each day

  • Must be willing to feed diet approved by Breeder

  • Have dog groomed by an approved groomer

  • Pass CGC (Canine Good Citizen) course before 1 year of age