Family Breeders of Australian Labradoodles

From the very first time we met a labradoodle almost 12 years ago, we were hooked. Their temperament, beautiful coat, and lovable personalities immediately drew us in. Fast forward a several moves, various pets and three children later, we were finally at a place in our lives where we could bring home our very own labradoodle puppy. She brought so much joy to our family, that we knew we wanted to share that with others. Everyone deserves a puppy like our Aneko in their lives! We are passionate about breeding beautiful high-quality Australian labradoodles and matching them with their forever families.

We live in the beautiful Northwest along the Columbia River where the Yakima and Snake Rivers join in.  Our dogs live with us in our home or in a Guardian Home, and have constant companions amongst family and friends.  We are not a kennel breeding operation. 

We believe your family companion should be raised in a family setting and the parent dog should be well socialized and people-oriented to pass these good temperaments on to their offspring.  We also work with each puppy to bring family socialization skills into their daily routine.  They are exposed to the everyday noises and activities, such as doorbells, vacuum noise, lawn mowers and excitement around the house with a family of five!   "Loyal Heart Labradoodles" is an intimate in-home breeder which means we whelp and raise these adorable pups in our home with the enthusiastic help of our three children.  Our dogs interact and are pampered and loved from all ages of people.  They receive as much love as you would hope for in your newest family member.